What sizes are available on DuRio products?

Our numbering is always double, one odd and one pair, just as in Havaianas, for example. Always in brazilian sizes.

In the male models, we have from 33/34 to 45/46.

On women's models, we have from 33/34 to 41/42 (except for the Air Fem model, which goes only up to 39/40).

In children's models, we have from 25/26 to 31/32.

From the 33/34 it is considered as adult, in the masculine as in the feminine one.

*please, check the conversion table*

Where I can buy a DuRio?

Contact us, by phone or email, so we can help you find DuRio wherever it is :).

How to resell, distribute or import our products?

Anyone interested in being our partner can contact us through any of our channels or leave a message that we will return the same day giving directions and directing the contact to our representative of the region.

For export, we use trading companies and we have a specialized and multilingual employee.

We export to any country in the world, always with FOB freight. We leave the goods in the port chosen by our account and the international transport is on account of the client.

Our products are not packaged in individual boxes, but in plastic bags, which makes the freight at least 50% cheaper for the customer.

How to become a salesman outside Brazil?

Those interested in representing our brand should send an email to exportation@sandaliasdurio.com with the attached resume and a brief presentation in the body of the email.

How to talk with us?

In addition to the "0800 DuRio" button in the lower left corner of the site, where the connection is free, we have several other channels:

Sales: exportation@sandaliasdurio.com or Sales Phone +55 21 3473-0044.

Skype: felipematos_6

General Affairs: exportation@sandaliasdurio.com or Customer Service Tel +55 21 97978-8941 (WhatsApp).

Financial: exportation@sandaliasdurio.com or +55 21 3183-6640.

We also have instant chat on our page, just click on the little blue doll in the bottom right corner that we will respond in seconds :).

DuRio's Warranty and Exchange Policy

We are very proud of what we produce and guarantee all the products that leave our factory.

Therefore, all DuRio products have a 1-year warranty against ANY FAILURE TO MANUFACTURE.

If you wish to exchange a DuRio product, look for the establishment where you purchased your sandal within 90 days of purchase. The products must be exchanged in the store of origin, meeting the exchange policy of the store itself. If our reseller understands that the exchange is not due, please contact us so we can evaluate the situation.

We reserve the right to carry out a technical analysis of the product.

Business Hours

Our office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm*, Monday through Friday (except holidays). *brazilian time.

How do I keep my DuRio for years?

Never use a washer or dryer. Do not use aggressive products such as bleach, alcohol, detergents, oils, etc. Wash only with mild soap, taking care not to leave soap residue. Let the shade dry. Avoid exposing to intense heat or keep it in a closed, warm place.

Never leave your DuRio (or any other rubber slipper) exposed to the sun for hours. The Sun reacts with the E.V.A. and deforms it.

Taking the basic care, your DuRio will last a long time! We have several reports from daily users that stay with yours for more than 1 year using every day to work all day. For those who use just indoors or not every day, we have reports of a longer durability than 5 years!

Policy of adaptation to Muslim culture or other non-Christian cultures

The Christ Redeemer is the most famous postcard in Brazil and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

We do not use your image for religious purposes but rather as an identification of the origin of the product.

Nevertheless, with respect to all other cultures, we will not use the image of the redeeming Christ in exports to Islamic, Jewish, or any other non-Christian country.

We will always do our best to make our partners happy and satisfied with our products.